Friday Funny 1117: Eating

>> Friday, June 24, 2016

This hits a little close to home:

My wife eats most anything out of a bowl. She's crazy.

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Friday Funny 1116: The Internet Names Animals

A recent trending hashtag was #TheInternetNamesAnimals. And this is what they named:

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Friday Funny 1115: Dogs

The Oatmeal has some very true things to say about dogs:

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Father's Day Camping

>> Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I spent 3 days camping with my in-laws in WI this past weekend. Here are a few pics:

I napped for most of the 2+ hour drive as Charlie drove.

Henry helping with the poles.

Pounding in the stakes. Very. Slowly.

My hot bikini-clad wife in the pool with Charlie at the campgrounds.

Kiddie table lunch.

Looking for frogs!

Did I mention how much I love camping with my in-laws?

My in-laws and their 5 grandkids.

The whole gang.

Henry smeared some of his s'more on the picnic table,
and then he proceeded to slurp it up. #ThatsMyBoy

Charlie giving Baby Will goodnight kisses.

A peaceful start to day 2.

Everyone went canoeing down the Kickapoo River for 7 hours on our 2nd day there. Since Charlie's life is still dictated around his nap times (seriously, if he gets too tired, he'll start asking for "taggie, nuk, stories, milk!"), I stayed back with him as the other's canoed.

From Instagram: Charlie with the world's largest pennyfarthing bike.

I got Charlie to nap in my in-law's trailer by laying with him.
(I'm only pretending to be sleeping as I snapped this selfie. Duh.)

Meanwhile, my wife enjoyed this view on the Kickapoo.
That's her youngest cousin in the front of the canoe, with Henry in the middle.

Henry found some mud. SOME.

After everyone got back that evening, we celebrated Brianna's birthday with cupcakes!

Having more fun in the pool before bed.

Another campfire to end the day.

The day after we got back from camping, the boys and I hit the road for a quick trip down to Red Wing to deliver some artwork for an upcoming event that I was asked to be a part of. Click here for a quick post on my Photo Blog to see a few photos from that and to learn more about this July event.


Race Results (with the boys) in Run MN Magazine

>> Monday, June 20, 2016

It's a good month with I get Run Minnesota in the mail and can find my name in the back among the results. The May/June issue recently came, and it has rockstar runner Gloria Jansen on the cover:

I think Gloria and I last chatted before the Securian Run Half Marathon earlier this year.

Since I'm pointing out people I recognize in the magazine, here's multisport buddy Suzie in the Ironman shirt inside:

And here's gym buddy Casey inside the back page in an ad for the "Red White and Boom" Half Marathon:

In the shades.

Anyway, in the "race results" section of this Run Minnesota magazine is the results from the Lake Johanna 4 Mile that I ran with both boys in the stroller. Casey in that last photo was actually out at that race to cheer for Angie who finished RIGHT in front of me and the boys. My boys get no credit in the results:

Click here for my Lake Johanna 4 Mile race report if you missed it. Yes, I finished THAT CLOSE behind Angie, and yes she DID beat me even though we have the same time.


Henry is FIVE!

>> Saturday, June 18, 2016

Last weekend, Henry turned 5. It was fun to see each year's photo in our "Facebook Memories" on his birthday. Here they are:


1st birthday cupcake smash.

Waking up as a 2-year-old.

Riding MOA rides for his 3rd birthday.

Hunting for fossils on his 4th birthday.

And for his 5th birthday? We made a cake and then rode some rides at the Mall of America. Here are some photos from Instagram from last weekend:

Making a cake.

Riding rides!

(Close up of Charlie's face in that last photo!)

The finished cake in the evening!

Oh, and it was funny to see our "Facebook Memories" on Henry's birthday from before he was around too. We had memories from the 2 years before he was born:

Mama going for a swim a year before Henry was born.

Me sharing Apple Duathlon race photos 2 years before Henry was born.

I mean, we still do a good job of being active, but it was funny to see the "other" 2 memories on Henry's birthday were training related from before he came along. :)


Friday Funny 1114: Funny Signs Found at a Marathon

>> Friday, June 17, 2016

Here are some funny signs made by spectators at different marathons (found here):

This is the "standard" race sign, but still a good one.


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