Pretty Normal Training After Some Rest

>> Monday, January 22, 2018

Well, last week was a bit "back to normal" for my training after having some knee/hammy issues:

My hammy is still quite tight down low, but more "normal" activity didn't seem to hurt it, so I'll see what my Chrio says later today and go from there. He was the one who told me I needed to try a "normal" week after that rest.

So last week looked like this:

• MONDAY: ladder swim (damn slow) and core.
• TUESDAY: moderate (but short) spin on trainer, and some easy PT leg exercises.
• WEDNESDAY: easy/moderate treadmill run, and good upper body lift.
• THURSDAY: 14x100 swim with less rest than usual (pretty slow average of 1:26) and some core.
• FRIDAY: easy run with Charlie, and some PT leg exercises.
• SATURDAY: a decent 82 min Spinnerval workout on the trainer, and good upper body lift.
• SUNDAY: long run of 7.8 miles with middle 5.5 miles just under 7:00 pace.

My leg feels just fine this morning after my long run yesterday, so that's great news! I always say I need to wait a day to REALLY see how I'm feeling after a run.

We're supposed to get blasted with a lot of snow today, so we'll see if I'll be stuck indoors for the next few runs. Back with more soon. Have a good week!


Icy/Slushy Run

>> Saturday, January 20, 2018

I took Charlie out for an easy stroller run on Friday morning. Thursday was FINALLY a nice day after quite a long deep freeze, so we had some melting. And it was just back below freezing on Friday morning, so I hoped the trail wouldn't be too slick.

Early on down the Greenway trail. I ended up
running a bit farther to the right in the bike lane.

Heading back in the bike lane.

My knee isn't 100%, but I've been told to train pretty "normally" this week (according to my Chiro's suggestion before seeing him again on Monday). I've realized it's maybe coming from my lower left hamstring - it's quite tight. Even though I'm supposed to train normally, I'm taking it easy on the strength work for my legs just to see if swim/bike/run is OK.

And because it's been nicer out, we've been playing in the snow in the evenings:

A little snow fort that Henry started and Mama helped to finish.

A loooooong Charlie. :)


Friday Funny 1387: Lovely People on Tinder

>> Friday, January 19, 2018

Some of these are a little "wild." You've been warned.

So many questions about this one...

Uhh, I don't... I don't think he said that...

"Those are 2 measurements."

Lots more funny things posted all day long on


Friday Funny 1386: Bad Puns

I apologize in advance. Some of these are quite bad. :)

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Friday Funny 1385: Vikings Win!! The Minneapolis Miracle!

I've been a Vikings fan since I was a boy. So you can imagine the screaming in our house on Sunday night when the "Minneapolis Miracle" happened: 4 lead changes in the last 3:01 of the NFC Divisional Playoff with a MIRACLE in the last 10 seconds (QB Case Keenum to WR Stefon Diggs for 61 yards) to get the Vikings to advance to the NFC Championship Game! My wife and I screamed so much we made 3-year-old Charlie cry! Oops.

Here's the 2 minute clip of the play (in case you've been living under a rock [or not in Minnesota] for the last 5 days). And here's a nice 6 minute piece from NFL Turning Point about the end of that game. And here are some fun fan reactions put together by the Minnesota Vikings. (I didn't know Michael Strahan wanted the Vikes to win that bad!)

Anyway, here are the best Twitter reactions that I've come across from after that game:

Former MPLS mayor. And she's right: heartbreaking losses are what usually happens TO the Vikings.

Same point as above.

Such an anti-climactic extra point that took 5 minutes to get going... then they just kneeled down.


SERIOUSLY: the ENTIRE team was all class and quite humble in their post-game interviews.
My wife and I were super impressed. She may have developed a crush.

Finally, a church where we sometimes go to mass (because they have a Sunday night 7:00 pm mass that works well on full/busy weekends) posted this after the game:


Again, some fun videos: here's the 2 minute clip of the play, here's a nice 6 minute piece from NFL Turning Point about the end of that game, and here are some fun fan reactions put together by the Vikes.

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