Friday Funny 1429: Funny Cycling Shirts

>> Friday, April 20, 2018

Here are 20 funny cycling t-shirts from

Lots more funny things posted all week long HAPPY WEEKEND!!


Friday Funny 1428: "Nopes"

Here are 18 instances where "NOPE" (and then running the other way) is the correct response:

This is in no way ment to disrespect ballerinas. If anything, it makes me respect them more. Yeouch.

BONUS (that I couldn't show without warning because I'm a decent human being): click HERE for the worst looking porta potty I've ever seen. I thought this was fake at first because of the lack of TP, but then I figured they could have ran out but people just kept going...

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Friday Funny 1427: Funny Bosses

Here are some funny bosses to work for. (via)

A cake from the boss on her last day of work:

A note from the boss after being promoted:

An office took photos of themselves and Photoshopped them over their boss's kid's photos:

Oops. LOL:

The boss fixed the sign:

A message from the boss when they were late to work:

So good, it needed to be posted at work:

Damn Cody:

A note slid under the bathroom door from the boss:

OSHA approved:

"Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest at work. Burn:

Left for the boss to see on the security camera footage:

He just asked for a wall clock:

This boss tore apart this poorly faked doctor's note:

The boss expressing his opinion on someone's music:

Boss game him the key to open this drawer at work, and then laughed his ass off as he unlocked it:

The boss put this on him during the middle of a conversation:

A present from his boss during his yearly review:

Left on a co-worker's desk by the boss as they were coming back from Burning Man:

Note left from the boss:

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