Thirsty (for knowledge) Thursday: Endurance Links

>> Thursday, December 08, 2016

Time for some links:

4 Things Cyclists Need to Do in December To Be Fit in January. Ummm, this proves just how far I am from being an actual cyclist. Super, super, INSANELY far. I was laughing at most of this article. (It makes good points and is written by the folks at Carmichael Training, but it's just not for me.)

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners. This is a video from Carrie Tollefsen (local olympian). Her videos are always a bit cheesy, but fun. There are some good local gift suggestions in here, but it's not just for Minnesotans.

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency: Supplement 411. Pro runner Phoebe Wright tweeted some info on a growing issue with supplements:

The link above was somethings else Wright tweeted, and it's where you can find out more about supplements you're taking or interested in.

Three Breathing Exercises from Dr. Weil. I want to do more of this and try to fit in some meditation. Who knows if this will happen. But this is worth a look if you're interested.

Running with Power (Video). Here's a panel of big names. Coach Frank Jakobsen talks about Crowie and how to use power while running - running too fast (hard) might not help. (Also a giant advertisement for a new book.)

For more "Thirsty Thursday" posts that highlight workouts, body science, and all kinds of interesting information, CLICK HERE. Back with some "Friday Funnies" tomorrow. :)


"Fast Before the Feast" 5K "Official" Photos

>> Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Thanksgiving morning was the Tri Fitness "Fast Before the Feast" 5K that I did with my boys and extended family. I recently found an album of photos from the start of the race on Tri Fitness WBL's Facebook page, and here are 9 that I'd like to share:

The 10K getting ready to start. There's a BRIGHT tuke (hat) near the right that's from the
long-deseased "Winter Be-Gone Du" that Pharmie and I did years ago! Ah, memories!

A pink unicorn on the left.

Speedy Melissa Gacek leading out the 10K. She ended up 2nd overall.

Us 5Kers lining up. I cut right in front of the guy in maroon
with the yellow hat on the far left just 60 seconds before the start.
(And then I made sure to push him to the line in front of me as to not cut him off.)

GOOOOOOO! Maroon guy and his friend in white took off on the far left of this photo!
You can see the stroller (but not me) right behind them!

Again, you can see the stroller, but not me. My son Charlie and my nephew Wes were inside.

with the "single" version of our "double" stroller, and she ran the whole
race just pushing down on the handlebars to keep the stroller
balanced because she didn't have a front wheel on it! Crazy!

Jon is right behind that woman (note the stroller with my Henry and their Evie inside),
and Steph is in the pink on the right.

Steph on the far left, with her friend Maggie next to her (pushing her daughter).

For lots more photos from before, during, and after the race, CLICK HERE for my "Fast Before the Feast" 5K race report from about 10 days ago.


Snowy Run in the Twin Cities

>> Monday, December 05, 2016

We woke up to nearly 2 inches of snow in St. Paul yesterday morning. I Instagrammed this pic of the boys and I shoveling:

Caption: "Winter finally came to the Cities."

After church, the boys and Mama headed for the gym (in the car), and I followed (in my running shoes):

Bare legs (if calf sleeves count as "bare legs") in the snow.

There was just enough snow to spawn a few sledders at Town and Country Club
(a golf course) just off of Marshall and Cretin in St. Paul.

Hallelujah! Plowed trails in St. Paul along River Road!

Where St. Paul turns into Minneapolis. MPLS had NOT plowed yet. [frowny face emoji]

I tweet/facebook/blog this EVERY winter: Minneapolis has smoother trails, but St. Paul maintains theirs in the winter WAY better. So I turned around after snapping that pic above. Minneapolis, you suck.*

Crossing the (unplowed) Lake/Marshall bridge, looking towards
downtown Minneapolis (which is unseen because of some light snow falling).

Yay! THIS part of Minneapolis had plowed trails!...

... but when I got to the Greenway Trail, I was shocked to find that it wasn't plowed!
So I turned around to add on more miles along plowed River Road before getting
sloshy wet shoes for the final 1.5 miles on the Greenway.

Back on River Road, running up the long hill under the Franklin Ave Bridge.

Back on the Greenway. It was deceptively MORE sloshy than it
appears here - there was a lot of wet snow under the pretty stuff.

Arrived at the Y. 7 miles in 48 mins. With soaked feet and a moist beard.
(My wife HATES the beard, so it's going shortly. She also hates the word "moist.")

My wife did her long run on the track at the Y, so we were STARVING
when we left. I Instagrammed this pic after we had a table full
of beans, rice, and tacos at Pineda Tacos across from our gym.

* As a St. Paulie, I'm contractually obligated to mention that St. Paul is better than Minneapolis and that Minneapolis smells. It was part of our paperwork when we bought our house here 10 years ago. However, I have a few friends who live in Minneapolis. And they're OK. Not horrible. Not even too stinky. But still a bit unattractive. Homely maybe.


November Training and Injury Updates

>> Saturday, December 03, 2016

Every day of November had SOME sort of workout, except for the Saturday of Thanksgiving where I was instead stuffing my face at 2 different parties:

The "injury" notes on the 12th and 15th are regarding some pain in my sacrum (and slightly to the right towards my hip), and the "injury" note on the 29th is about my shoulder impingement (swimmer's shoulder) feeling a little achy and tight.


SWIM: 12,000 yards on the month. After deciding that I needed to start swimming faster again, my left shoulder started to ache. My left shoulder impingement (AKA "swimmer's shoulder) started to ache 36 hours after a solid swim. Dang. My right forearm is still a bit "angered" by swimming, but it's still slowly getting better. (Remember, I didn't swim for almost a year to let it get better, and that didn't help much.) Hoping for 2 swims/week with SOME intensity.

BIKE: 13 miles with the boys in tow, and 2:41 on the trainer (or the equivalent of about another 50 miles) for November. After those 2 trainer rides the week of the 7th, I realized for the first time that cycling is one thing that really upsets my sacral pain. I need to take time to stretch out my back post-ride, and I can't ride for too long. Dang. So I took 2.5 weeks off of the bike (which was partly due to resting up before and after the Thanksgiving morning race) before riding again. This is what I'm going to keep "testing." I'll keep an eye on my lower back issues, but I still want to see if I can keep logging more bike miles. Adding my bike and trainer "miles" for last month, I logged a whopping 63 miles. In November of 2015 (when I was getting myself into the best bike shape I'd ever been in), I logged 267 miles, or over 4 times as much.

RUN: 63 miles on the month. After starting my "back to running" program in July, I was still building miles in August. Then Sept, Oct, and Nov were pretty similar: 68, 66, and 63 miles respectively. (Oct and Nov were a bit lower because I had some races, so I had to ease back and/or take some days off.) Everything is holding steady here, but that's because I'm being smart. I'd LOVE to race the Securian Winter Run Half Marathon again in January, but that'd be stupid to try to force the miles over the next 8 weeks. Nothing too far for me in the near future.

To help with all of this, I've still been seeing Robert at Element Wellness Group. He's been really able to help relieve some sacral pain and my (chronically) sore calves:

I'm not sure how much the cupping helps, but it gives me sweet hickeys.

Here's to another good month of training, some pain-free rides, and some decent runs!


Friday Funny 1194: Roommates Suck

>> Friday, December 02, 2016

Here are 20 examples of why roommates sometime suck: [via]

More funny things posted all day long on

Oh, and I also posted a nerdy "web design / web developer funny" on my Photo Blog this past week. Check it out HERE. Happy weekend!


Friday Funny 1193: Thanksgiving Clap-Backs

All 3 of my Thanksgiving parties were just great. No drama or politics. But here are some people's come-backs to pushy/nosy questions from family:

More funny things posted 10x every day on


Friday Funny 1192: World Toilet Day

Did you know that "World Toilet Day" was 2 weeks ago? (Think of it as a "sanitation awareness" day for people around the world.) The website Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs helped celebrate in their own way - with terrible real estate agent photos of toilets (and bathrooms):

On #WorldToiletDay, behold the stretched limousine of conveniences.

Definition of bad kitchen etiquette? Leaving the seat up.

When you’re down to your last few squares and there’s a paper jam.

“Honey, the guy across the street says we’re out of toilet paper”

So, I think that’s going to require a couple of flushes.

“Y’know, our new neighbors never wave back”

What you’re describing, Mr Stevens, is what we call an “out of bathroom experience.“

The Hercules is one of our most powerful toilet roll dispensers.

We don't recommend hanging around for the second movement.

I lost my hat down the toilet once.
Never, ever again.

Because who doesn’t enjoy seeing their backside repeating into infinity?

Film idea: Scientist invents teleportation machine, accidentally teleports
himself alongside toilet, slowly turns into toilet.

The bathroom is so well-appointed it interferes with the very fabric of reality.

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