Successful 11 Mile Run! Bring on the 13.1!

>> Saturday, October 21, 2017

Last weekend, I posted that I hadn't ran in a week due to some ankle pain. I was hoping to run a bit, and then do a long run to "test" it to see if everything would hold up for a hopeful half marathon next weekend.

Well, early on Wednesday morning, I got in 11 miles!

I even did some "pace work" in the middle of that run. I warmed up for 2 miles at 7-7:30 pace, and then I did 6 of the hilliest miles I could find along River Road at around my half marathon pace (I ended up averaging 6:25.8 for those miles). No matter if I was running up or down a long hill, my first 9 half-mile splits of those 12 half-miles were all within 12 seconds: 3:09 - 3:21 (with the first 5 half-mile splits between 3:16 and 3:21 even though I started down the big Franklin hill on River Road and then turned around and ran back up it).


Oh, and post-run, I had a good hot spot on my foot in the same spot that I showed 6 weeks ago after my 10 mile training run leading up to the TC 10 Mile 3 weeks ago. It was tender:

My wife gave me a clean needle (she works at a hospital [so I suppose she has access to lots of dirty needles as well]) to release the pressure:

It squirted a few inches when it first got poked.

So even though my training wasn't exactly what I had hoped it would be over the last few weeks, I played it smart and rested during some pain, and I should be in decent shape for 13.1 miles next weekend!


Friday Funny 1345: Parents at Mealtime

>> Friday, October 20, 2017

Our household knows it: it can be BRUTAL getting kids to eat. So here are some funny tweets about parents dealing with mealtime:

Those last 2 have happened in my house.

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Friday Funny 1344: Insane Tinder Profiles

Some of these are a little spicy. If you're easily offended or don't like sex jokes then WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY BLOG?!? then maybe these aren't for you. Otherwise, enjoy:

OMG. This is amazing.

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Friday Funny 1343: Strange Cars

This one reminds me of "Not Your Grandma's Cross Stitch" Friday Funny from 2 weeks ago...

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Final TC 10 Mile Photos, Garmin Data, Etc.

>> Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Here are three random things from the TC 10 Mile from over 2 weeks ago:

FIRST: I only got one “official” photo from the race, and it was coming down the hill past the Cathedral with 0.2 miles left:

Close up. Not too ugly for being the most painful part of the race.

I don’t think I got any others because my race number kept flipping up on my race belt as seen in this photo from my race report:

SECOND: In my race report, I noted that all of my family had the course a bit long on our Garmins right from Mile 1. Race buddy Evan pointed out what that could have been on Facebook. He noted the big buildings could have thrown things off as we left downtown Minneapolis. When I downloaded my Garmin data and zoomed in to the route that I ran, he was proven correct. I ran a great line through downtown Minneapolis, but my Garmin map shows me weaving all over the place and cutting through buildings:

Those issues can also be seen in my pace chart early on as well:

I did NOT run 3:30 pace for a while, and then ease back to over 8:00 pace a few times.

After the first mile, I can believe that pace chart above. At mile 2.5, we climbed that long hill under Franklin. At mile 5, we hit that short steep hill coming off the river. At mile 7, we finally leveled out after climbing a false flat for 2 miles and I really tried to kick it in a another gear. The last real uphill was just before mile 9. And then there was a “useable” downhill near the finish line. Here’s all that info on my pace chart with the elevation superimposed:

Regarding the final downhill kick to the finish: here’s a zoomed in section of mile 9.4-10. I was
BARELY slower than 6:00 pace twice, and I peaked at 4:44 pace. (My average pace was 6:12.)

THIRD: Finally, here are 2 instagram photos I saw post-race that I wanted to share. Here’s one from up high showing corrals 2 and 3 lining up to wait for their start at the 10 Mile:

This is what 2/3s of 10,000 runners looks like.

And I mentioned the pretty orange sky as we were running along the river at mile 1 in my race report. Well this person got a photo of that (which was snapped from right in between those 2 corrals under the green light in that last photo):

I may have one more TC 10 Mile post with some of Evan’s photos next week. But here’s my race report if you missed it, and here’s photos from Gary at mile 9.3 if you missed those.



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